This document is intended to share information, formulas and documentation relating to using Ohm's Law for computing electrical values for alternating current.

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Ohm's Law For Alternating Current - The Formulae


Here it is, short and sweet.  Keep reading for the pie chart and more information:

 power (AP) = watts, voltage(total) (E) = volts, current(total) (I) = amperes

 and impedance (Z) = ohms

AP = WATTS   E = VOLTAGE I = AMPERES Z = OHMS(of impedance)
volts2/ohms watts * ohms  volts/ohms volts/amperes
amperes2 * ohms watts/amperes watts/volts volts2/watts
volts * amperes amperes* ohms watts/ohms watts/amperes2

Ohms Law



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